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    Mother & Baby Care

    Mother & Baby Care

    Quality is controlled through a total Quality Management System

    Obstetrical Home Based Programs to help during and after delivery


    One of the happiest events that you will ever encounter during your lifetime is welcoming a new child into the world. With near 20 years of experience, we, at Home Care Middle East, are here to help have the birth experience that you and your child deserve. You can rely on us to be your most trusted caregiver before, during, and after delivery. We are here through every step of the way.


    Services provided by our Baby Care Nurses:


    Our nurses take superior care of your baby’s hygiene through daily bathing, diaper and clothes changing, and maintaining a sterile environment.

    Your baby’s health is our first concern, this is why our nurses make sure to take care of the umbilical stump, and to monitor health through daily checking of the temperature, observing the color of the urine and stool, watching for possible signs of trouble, and monitoring life support machines where applicable.

    The nurses organize sleeping and feeding hours, and also educate new parents on proper breastfeeding.


    Special services provided by our Baby Care Nurses:


    Nausea & Vomiting: Our RNs administer IV therapy treatments under the MD’s supervision to manage nausea & vomiting during pregnancy. Midwife counseling to pregnant women during & after delivery. HCME’s midwives help mothers in the pre & post-partum periods through education, support and physical examination. Report back to MD when necessary.

    Travel assistance: Private nurse travels with families to care for the newborns when help is most needed outside the family’s home country.

     Nurses will fly from Lebanon to the desired city to accomplish the task.


    State of the Art Technology to keep the baby safe:*


    Preterm Labor Management Through Home Fetal Monitoring: Surveillance and support program to lengthen the pregnancies of women at risk for preterm delivery. HCME’s midwives using state of the art portable monitors (picture on the left) conduct their home visits and report back to the Doctor.


    How Are We Different? Home Care Middle East Competitors
    Most years of experience Yes No
    Presence in leading university hospitals Yes No
    Proud board member of the World Home Care Association – USA Yes No
    Distinguished physicians on the company’s Board of Directors Yes No
    Quality Control Unit Yes No
    Integrity Yes ?


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