Excellent service for the patient and doctors. Very good feedback from the patient and high level of satisfaction.

Dr. Joe Nohra

Compétence,efficacité,et gentillesse.

Prof. Georges Chahine

Very dedicated and professional team. A phone feedback to the doctor about the patient would be appreciated.

Dr. Fady Haddad

Great Service. Keep it this way.

Dr. Eid Azar

I would like to thank Home Care Lebanon for their excellent care of our patients. You always provide reliable and professional service and it is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Zeina Kanafani

Thank you Home Care for taking good care of our patients. Patient satisfaction and safety remain our utmost goal.

Dr. G.A.

Excellent relation with patient and the Doctors. Excellent link between the Doctor and the patient who needs treatment at home.

Dr. Fady Nasr

I appreciate all what your society is doing for patients especially with your delegates. Continue in the same way.

Dr. Khalil Ghossoub

Bon service. Les malades envoyés ont été satisfaits de Home Care. Merci.

Dr. Joseph Daccache

Very helpful and friendly team.

Dr. Rita Saliba

Excellent work; Excellent follow up; Good job; Thank you.

Dr. Hassan Ramadan

Home Care Lebanon is a professional organization that handles patients' ambulatory care at home. I have used their help and many patients showed satisfaction. I would recommend them to my patients without hesitation.

Dr. A / Rahman Bizri

I have been dealing with your services for many years on a large number of patients. The staff is reliable, friendly, efficient, and ethical. My patients have given me excellent feedback.

Dr. M.K.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate your professional approach and good patient care.

Dr. Nesrine Rizk

Thank you for taking good home care of our patients!

Dr. Gilbert J. El-Helou